CPAP Accessories

The world’s first automated CPAP cleaner and sanitizer
Introducing a faster, easier, more effective way to clean CPAP machine equipment. SoClean kills 99.9% of CPAP germs and bacteria in your mask, hose and reservoir with no disassembly, no water, and no chemicals in order to enhance your home CPAP experience.


How does the SoClean cleaning unit work?

The SoClean CPAP cleaner and sanitizing machine uses activated oxygen cleaning to eliminate any mold, bacteria, and viruses that may be lingering in your home CPAP machine.


How does the Lumin Work?

The Lumin uses ultraviolet light to sanitize your CPAP mask, and tubing all at once. Simply put what you want to clean into the tray, hit the start button and the automatic timer will let you know when it is done cleaning. (can also clean non CPAP equipment such as phones)

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